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Black walnut Island Kitchen

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Two tone white uppers and grey island adds a nice color scheme but the solid black walnut island is the centerpiece of this kitchen.

Custom pantry, corner organizers, built in storage organizer, spice racks, cooking pull out, trash pull out, and coffee area.

Oak and white kitchen

original - 2023-04-03T161709.376.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T161709.461.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T160622.271.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T161709.730.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T161709.812.jpg

This walk through kitchen has all the room you can get. Beautiful large island with built in sink, plenty of drawer space, electrical, and bookcase.

Oak lowers and white uppers, built in oven, gas range, farmers sink, and extra shelves for books and odds and ends.

Custom color kitchen

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original - 2023-04-03T161710.380.jpg

This custom color Kitchen.  this also included a setting/ desk  area, pantry, built in trash bin, and a breadbox.

This was finished in a European cabinet style, shaker doors and drawers with soft close hardware.

The White kitchen

original - 2023-04-03T162615.474.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T162615.560.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T162615.613.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T162615.811.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T162615.776.jpg

This all white Custom kitchen designed to fit this old home remodel.

Includes all soft close hardware, under mount drawer glides, and a built in trash bin

Cherry Kitchen

original - 2023-04-03T163216.654.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T163216.741.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T163216.965.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T163217.013.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T163217.117.jpg

This full kitchen build in cherry with a island wrap.

This kitchen was finish in polyurethane. Customer had beautiful granite counter tops added to complete this look.

The Kitchen in Oak

The Before


So we redesigned the cabinet layout to better fit the customers needs adding more usable surface areas. All cabinets feature soft close hardware and adjustable shelf's. Drawers are on heavy duty ball bearing  slides. There is no shown handles or knobs because all have edge pulls milled in to the sides.

We also replaced the floor adding a fresh look to the room. All new lighting and range hood. Counters, sink and island top updated as well.

original - 2023-04-03T164810.801.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.167.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.411.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.629.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.018.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.351.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.096.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.567.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.668.jpg

This custom 8' bar Starts with a beautiful solid  hardwood mix top finished in  epoxy. Consisting of maple,cherry, mahogany, oak,and black walnut. Then the base is made of multiple drawers on heavy duty glides. Then we added extra space in the middle to accommodate a fridge.

The lockable cabinet with heavy duty pull outs for the liquor is on the left. This is locked with in electronic finger print scanner so you do not have to worry about juggling for keys. Then to top it off we added led's underneath the counter. They can be adjusted in a rainbow of colors or patterns to set the mood for any entertaining.

original - 2023-04-03T164811.814.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.842.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.888.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T164811.953.jpg

Custom vanity with solid mahogany doors and drawer fronts.

Soft close under mount drawer glides along with soft close door hardware.

Kitchen Island

This new island addition to the kitchen is a new focal point. Large black walnut top along with extra storage on both sides. 

original - 2023-04-03T171315.015.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171315.079.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171315.157.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171315.224.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171315.257.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171315.466.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171315.518.jpg

This is a custom princess bunk bed set. With built in dresser and plenty of storage.

Special thanks to MES out of Belmont NH for there assistance with the LED lighting.

original - 2023-04-03T171315.708.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171315.780.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171316.009.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171315.904.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171316.090.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171316.209.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171316.293.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T171316.373.jpg

This custom 16' train bed has it all, built in storage, an upper play area, desk, and a look like no other.


LED lights around the back and side of the unit.
A lighted sleeping area and a real working front head light.
Details can make the difference.

What do you think.......?


original - 2023-04-03T173148.829.jpg

Custom Woodworking

Custom Woodworking for you or your business. These soild hardwood coasters can be personalized with your business logo or pattern of your choice


original - 2023-04-03T173148.964.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T173149.038.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T173149.097.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T173149.344.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T173149.445.jpg
original - 2023-04-03T173149.524.jpg

Lumber is a beautiful thing to work. Sometimes you dont see it but if you know where to look you will find it. This batch of spalted beech was a great example of uncovering the gold within. rough, twisted, split, and bowed.

With some time and work you get this unbelievable coloring and pattern.This is going to be a custom kitchen island with built in stove and overhang for bar stools. More on this to come.

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