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Custom Work

At MW Hunter Custom Wood Working, we specialize in creating bespoke pieces tailored to your unique needs. From intricate designs to personalized touches, our custom work brings your vision to life with unparalleled craftsmanship.


Lumber is a beautiful thing to work. Sometimes you dont see it but if you know where to look you will find it. This batch of spalted beech was a great example of uncovering the gold in the rough, twisted, split, and bowed.

With some time and work you get this unbelievable coloring and pattern.This is going to be a custom kitchen island with built in stove and overhang for bar stools. More on this to come.

Cutting Boards

We have built a wide variety of boards using all kinds of species of wood as you can see here. All boards can be made to fit your needs as well as custom options.

Game Boards

Creating custom/personalized playing pieces. 

CNC & Laser Cut

All kinds of custom lanterns to fit you syle or as the perfict gift.