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Home & Garden

Enhance your home and garden with our handcrafted custom pieces, from elegant outdoor furniture to charming pet houses. Each creation is designed with precision and made to last.

Tree House

This 8' x 10'  tree house is 10' up in the air nestled between the trees.

Built in loft for plenty of sleeping room. Along with built in electrical with LED lights, a deck and trap door, and pully bucket for supplies.

The Mega Coop

This is the largest coop thus far. This coop is a 8' x 27' unit. Starting with a 8x12 coop and a 8x15 roofed run then the last 4' of run is flat hardware cloth. Add on are as follows : PVC floors, internal nesting boxes, removable ramp, window security and window in run, electrical kit, outside light, clean out door, divider inside, perches inside and in run, and keyed alike locks.