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Black walnut Island


This new island addition to the kitchen is a new focal point. Large black walnut top along with extra storage on both sides. 


Here at MW Hunter Custom Woodworking we focus on creating custom woodworking as well as classic pieces. We will do our best to meet your needs either at home or in the work place. We will work with you to bring your ideas to reality in your woodworking project.

Custom hardwood countertop

The prefect finish to this beautiful kitchen. Custom hardwood countertop out of maple, black walnut, and spaltted birch

Custom countertop
Dollhouse chicken coop

Chicken Doll House

Check out this chicken house with all of the extras to make this a special home for some very special lady's. There portrait's are even hanging in the main room.

Bakery rack

Custom made bakery rack to fit all of the home made pastries in Westminster, VT 

Custom bakery case
Pig House

Pig House

Regardless of your pet they are family and I can help you customize the perfect home for them. 

This was for a very special pig named Oscar he was a rescue and needed a place or his own. To see more pictures of this click below.

Mini bar

Custom bar

This custom 8' bar has it all be sure to check out the link below for more pictures and details.

To get started on your project and for a free quote.


Our Services

Browse our services below

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Animal shelters

We custom build shelters to fit all of your pets. 

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Business needs

workstations, displays, cases, counters, and manufacturing of your parts in wood.

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Sign making 

Indoor and outdoor signs and patterns  to meet all of your needs. Business, personal, gift, kids, weddings, ask us we can do it.

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Laser work

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Custom kitchen cabinets, cases, shelf units, and bars. Anything you could need.

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Indoor and outdoor furniture to meet all of your requirements

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Lumber to size Photos

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Slab Flattening 

Custom engraving, cutting, signs, business needs, and much more. Photos

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